DBR Results Rounds 1-3, WIC 2011 Wellington, New Zealand

Player number and name Round One Opponent Points Round Two Opponent Points Round Three Opponent Points
P21 Mark Robins P16 Stu Todd 29 P2 Keith McNelly 25 P6 Roger Mackay 32
P12 Jonathan Moore P5 Richard Foster 16 P20 Grant Brown 31 P4 Philip Abela 29
P3 John Way P17 John McQualter 29 P6 Roger Mackay 7 P25 Mark Caunter 32
P18 Dave Clarke P8 Damien Pooley 31 P13 Ian Poade 26 P1 Steve Roper 14
P1 Steve Roper P10 Peter Gillard 30 P9 Chris Pooley 31 P18 Dave Clarke 18
P4 Philip Abela P7 Phil Clark 32 P23 Stuart Gray 14 P12 Jonathan Moore 3
P11 Brett Preston-Thomas P6 Roger Mackay 6 P10 Peter Gillard 7 P20 Grant Brown 18
P5 Richard Foster P12 Jonathan Moore 16 P26 John McCartney 32 P23 Stuart Gray 7
P8 Damien Pooley P18 Dave Clarke 1 P16 Stu Todd 5 P22 Ian Candy 27
P23 Stuart Gray P24 Aaron Leslie 32 P4 Philip Abela 18 P5 Richard Foster 25
P24 Aaron Leslie P23 Stuart Gray 0 P7 Phil Clark 26 P9 Chris Pooley 27
P13 Ian Poade P25 Mark Caunter 31 P18 Dave Clarke 6 P13 Ian Poade 23
P6 Roger Mackay P11 Brett Preston-Thomas 26 P3 John Way 25 P21 Mark Robins 0
P19 Luke Taper P20 Grant Brown 16 P14 Dirk Heinsius 14 P17 John McQualter 12
P20 Grant Brown P19 Luke Taper 16 P12 Jonathan Moore 1 P11 Brett Preston-Thomas 14
P9 Chris Pooley P14 Dirk Heinsius 25 P1 Steve Roper 1 P24 Aaron Leslie 5
P16 Stu Todd P21 Mark Robins 3 P8 Damien Pooley 27 P10 Peter Gillard 23
P17 John McQualter P3 John Way 3 P22 Ian Candy 31 P19 Luke Taper 20
P14 Dirk Heinsius P9 Chris Pooley 7 P19 Luke Taper 18 P26 John McCartney 19
P2 Keith McNelly P15 Bye (Reserve) 32 P21 Mark Robins 7 P2 Keith McNelly 9
P10 Peter Gillard P1 Steve Roper 2 P11 Brett Preston-Thomas 25 P16 Stu Todd 9
P25 Mark Caunter P13 Ian Poade 1 P15 Bye (Reserve) 32 P3 John Way 0
P7 Phil Clark P4 Philip Abela 0 P24 Aaron Leslie 6 P15 Bye (Reserve) 32
P26 John McCartney P22 Ian Candy 25 P5 Richard Foster 0 P14 Dirk Heinsius 13
P22 Ian Candy P26 John McCartney 7 P17 John McQualter 1 P8 Damien Pooley 5
P15 Bye (Reserve) P2 Keith McNelly 0 P25 Mark Caunter 0 P7 Phil Clark 0
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