DBA Results, WIC 2011 Wellington, New Zealand

Final Placing Player List Reference Score
1st Dave Batchelor II/46b Kushan 54
2nd Stan Walker II/64b Middle Imperial Roman (East) 51
3rd Iain McCartney II/36a Graeco Bactrian 48
4th Mark Barker II/74a Palmyran 47
5th Adrian Williams II/5d Later Hoplite Greek (Thessalian) 45
6th Jason Dickie II/78b Late Imperial Roman (East) 44
7th Rhys Batchelor III/25 Bosporan 40
8th (=) Tim Driver II/64b Middle Imperial Roman (East) 36
8th (=) Greg Kelleher II/33 Polybian Roman 36
10th (=) Brett Mudgeway II/19a Selucid 33
10th (=) Paul Reynolds II/16a Asiatic Early Successor (Antigonos) 33
12th Mark Davies II/32 Later Carthaginian 32
13th Luke Ueda-Sarson II/20c Ptolemaic 28
14th Bryan Fowler II/69 Sassanid Persian 27
15th Stephen Malone II/56 Early Imperial Roman 24
16th Stephen Cumming I/50 Lydian 21
17th Connor McCartney II/33 Polybian Roman 19
18th Keiran Ford II/33 Polybian Roman 18

Medieval Tournament:

The following defines the Medieval Tournament results.

Final Placing Player List Reference Score
1st Jason Dickie IV/3 Anglo Norman 58
2nd Rhys Batchelor IV/76 Early Burgundian 53
3rd Stan Walker IV/83b Wars of the Roses English 47
4th Iain McCartney IV/17 Later Crusader 45
5th Connor McCartney IV/76 Early Burgundian 39
6th Adrian Williams III/43c Khurasanian (Samanids) 38
7th (=) Luke Ueda-Sarson IV/36b Later Muslim Indian 36
7th (=) Stephen Cumming III/67b Early Hungarian 36
9th Mark Barker IV/82a French Ordonance 33
10th (=) Dave Batchelor IV/74 Free Company 32
10th (=) Mark Davies IV/1a Komnenan Byzantine 32
12th Greg Kelleher III/45b Pre Feudal Scots 30
13th Stephen Malone IV/17 Later Crusader 29
14th (=) Paul Reynolds IV/76 Early Burgundian 26
14th (=) Keiran Ford IV/79 Later Swiss 26
16th Bryan Fowler IV/80 Hussite 25
17th Brett Mudgeway IV/1a Komnenan Byzantine 23
18th Tim Driver IV/61 Italian Condotta 14

DBA Competition Final Results:

The following defines the combined Ancient and Medieval Tournament results and defines the final competition results..

Final Placing Player Score
1st Jason Dickie (AUS) 102
2nd Stan Walker (NZ) 98
3rd Rhys Batchelor (NZ) # 93
4th Iain McCartney (AUS) # * 93
5th Dave Batchelor (NZ) 86
6th Adrian Williams (AUS) 83
7th Mark Barker (AUS) 80
8th Greg Kelleher (NZ) 66
9th (=) Mark Davies (NZ) 64
9th (=) Luke Ueda-Sarson (JAP) 64
11th Paul Reynolds (NZ) 59
12th Connor McCartney (AUS) * 58
13th Stephen Cumming (AUS) 57
14th Brett Mudgeway (NZ) 56
15th Stephen Malone (NZ) 53
16th Bryan Fowler (NZ) 52
17th Tim Driver (NZ) 50
18th Keiran Ford (NZ) 44


# Denotes the player’s final position determined on countback. Other results have not been modified by countbacks.
* Denotes player was under 18 years of age.

Generals Killed:

A total of 39 generals were killed, with Stan and Jason each claiming five enemy general’s heads. Connor, Luke and Stephen Malone lost their generals in one third of their battles. Stephen Cumming has the exclusive honour of never losing a general.

Camps Looted:

Only six camps were looted and pillaged and honours were shared between Jason, Brett, Greg, Stephen Cumming, Stephen Malone and Paul.

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