WIC 2011 Test Matches

The following are the results of the test matches played on Thursday 24 February 2011 in Wellington, prior to the Worlds.

FoG Josh Gardner NZ Anthony Winter AUS
(Aztec) 4 (Latin Greek) 21
Mark Holland (Captain) NZ Ross Dawe (Captain) AUS
(Later Serbian) 17 (Bosporan) 3
Aaron Nicoll NZ Glen Noonan AUS
(Bosporan) 10 (Later Serbian) 10
Richard Stacey NZ Brett Kvisle AUS
(Medieval Castillian) 6 (Later Macedonian) 14
37 NZ 48 AUS
Congratulations to the winning Australian team!
Dan Hazlewood USA Gary Coughlan AUS
(Xia Xia) 25 (Gallic Iberian) 0
James Hamilton UK Ian Sharp AUS
(Later Hungarian) 15 (Seleucid) 5
Ian Doel NZ Lawrence Greaves UK
(Carolingian Frankish) 24 (Later Sicilian) 1
Corbon Loghnan NZ Vincent Auger FR
(Khazar) 5 (Ghaznavid) 5
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