Essentially, the IWF attempts to promote wargaming world-wide. The promotion of the game is done through the promotion and organisation of a World Championship event, a central seeding system, a calendar of international events and international liaison. The IWF is a non-profit organisation.

Clause 2 of our Consititution Defines the Main Objectives of the IWF as:

  • To be and to function as an autonomous representative federation of controlling bodies of wargames and to promote co-ordinate and assist in the provision of wargames;
  • To guard over the fair and just provision and promotion of wargames world-wide:
  • To be the sole representative of the collective, agreed upon and common interests or its members;
  • To function continuously in accordance with the following principles and guidelines;
    -The recognition of respect and autonomy of every member and institution to an exclusive jurisdiction over its own internal matters provided that the member shall function throughout in accordance with the spirit of the objectives of the IWF.
  • To advise, to deliberate and to co-operate with the authorities and with any institution or person in the private sector on all matters relating to the interests of its members;
  • To encourage and to promote healthy interaction and liaison among members of the IWF and with any other body or institution it may deem necessary and to associate and/or affiliate with any other body or institution with similar objectives.
  • To design, adopt, register and issue any colours, badges, emblems and uniforms.